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At SK2 Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on treating our clients the way we treat our neighbours - we become friends with our clients! We've got 40+ years of combined experience in construction, and have been involved in the Ready To Move (RTM) Home industry for the past 18 years. Our relevant experience translates directly into a better experience for our clients, and a better built home.

We don't do what our competition does, we do what we feel is right for our clients. There are many small details in our homes that you won't necessarily see, but that make a huge difference in the quality of your build. The SK2 crews are taught that "everything matters". Whether it's a nailing pattern when building a beam, or job-site cleanliness, or finishing details, every detail matters, and every detail contributes to how well the systems in your home perform together.

We take all of our markets seriously - Manitoba is our home, Saskatchewan is our home away from home, and we’ve always loved the time we’ve spent and the friends we’ve made in North Dakota.

We are just regular guys, trying to change our corner of the house building industry - we want to build the best relationships with our clients that we can. Our goal is to make the world a better place by improving the lives of the people we meet & work for.


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391 Industrial Drive
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SK2 Custom Homes
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custom RTM home being built
custom RTM home being built