Pros & Fears of Buying an RTM Home

There may be a lot of questions about buying an RTM home compared to building on your lot, we understand! Here’s some info you need to know when you’re considering an RTM.

Is Choosing an RTM Home Safe?

Yes, we contract trusted movers to ensure your home gets from our lot to yours safely. Our movers are fully insured, as is your home during transport. Like all parts of our business, we use partners that we have long-term relationships with, and our house movers are no exception.

​Is the Warranty or Build Process Different with an RTM Home?

During your home build, all inspections, certifications and industry standards still apply. Once your home is delivered we do a walk through with you and do a final inspection. During the move there may be some minor hairline cracks in the drywall, which we schedule to fix after the move. Our homes also come with a one year workmanship warranty, and structural warranties.

Are There Benefits of an RTM vs an On-Site Build?

A good builder will put a ton of care into their build. Period. With our builds taking place on our 3 acre build site, we are able to take this care to the next level. Our office, designer, project coordinator, and both owners of the company are literally within 300’ of your home, the entire time it is being built. No wasted time traveling to the build site, no delivery costs for material, no tradespeople driving to and from the site for months on end. 

​What do I Need to Take Care of?

Once you’ve committed to building, there are a few things that you will be responsible for arranging (don’t worry, you’re not alone - we will happily guide you through this process and consult with your local tradespeople). The following items will need to be arranged:

  • Building and/or development permits (see local building authority)
  • Lot layout (where will the home sit on your lot?)
  • Excavation, foundation & backfill
  • Plumbing (below joist level)
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilating & air conditioning) (below joist level)
  • Electrical (below joist level)
  • Basement stairs (these need to be built & placed once the home is on the foundation - we can build them and ship them with the home if you cannot find a local carpenter to do this for you)

For more information, check out our On-Site Scope of Work article.

We have many relationships with contractors in Saskatchewan and North Dakota if you need recommendations. For the foundation, we provide you with the plans needed - we do this to ensure that your foundation matches the home we’ve built - for the record, we’ve never had a home that didn’t fit the foundation. :)
Once the house is moved, all that’s left to do is hook up the items in green above... then it’s time to start planning the housewarming party!

​Am I Limited to One of Your Plans?

​Absolutely not! An SK2 Custom Home doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one of our standard plans. Your family has unique needs and therefore your home should fit those needs. We do have some standard home plans to help give you some ideas but we encourage you to customize them or bring your own ideas/sketches. We pride ourselves on a fun design process, and we’d be happy to show you how it works, no obligation.

We ensure all our clients are confident in the design and process before the build begins, part of this is providing you with a Virtual Reality Home Design.

Have more questions about building an RTM custom home? We have 40 years combined experience in the industry and our team can help you throughout the entire process.​

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custom RTM home being built
custom RTM home being built