Rural Values

Things we value:

• Personal connections.
• Handshakes.
• Hugging loved ones.
• Using common sense.
• In-person meetings.
• Walking through homes we are building, WITH our clients.
• Sitting around a table (with a coffee or a beer!) discussing ideas.
• Driving out to get together, to check out your building site.
• Sharing a meal with friends.
• Seeing the person across from you smile.
• A good country song.
• Deciding what we feel safe with, rather than the government telling us what we can/can’t do.
• Honoring your word.

I guess you could say we are a little old fashioned, but we just really value the traditional connections, and we aren’t ready to give them up.

If this list resonates with you, you’ve found your builder, and maybe your future home.

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custom RTM home being built
custom RTM home being built